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Pharrowtech's innovative wireless platforms simplify and accelerate the adoption of mmWave technology.

Pharrowtech designs and develops mmWave radio frequency (RF) technology for next-generation wireless applications. Products include RFIC semiconductors, phased antenna arrays and software solutions. Pharrowtech’s leading solutions serve fast growing markets including broadband 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), consumer electronic (CE) products such as virtual reality (VR) headsets and TVs, as well as smart city applications. Ultimately, we pave the way towards integrating mmWave into Wi-Fi 8 and beyond.

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As demand for gigabit services continues to grow in a variety of sectors, spanning from wireless infrastructure to Industrial, Scientific, and Medical applications to consumer electronics, mmWave technology plays a critical role given the ample available spectrum which allows 10x data rates and extremely low latency. Pharrowtech is at the very forefront of mmWave technology design and development, enabling transformative impact on a wide array of those applications.

Fixed Wireless Access

mmWave-based FWA

Residential and SME

5G rel. 17


RF market for FWA by 2028
Source: Yole Intelligence

Gigabit Cities

Smart poles

Neutral host networks


10mn poles

10.8 million smart poles by 2030
Source: ABI Research

Consumer Electronics

VR headsets

High-resolution TVs

Wi-Fi 8


Wi-Fi chipset market by 2027
Source: MarketsAndMarkets

Enterprise Wireless Access

Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi APs

Multi-gig, reliable, low latency

Wi-Fi 8

+43% YoY

Enterprise WLAN Market
Source: IDC


Pharrowtech currently offers the PTR1060, the world’s first IEEE 802.11ay-compliant fully integrated CMOS beamforming transceiver chip that supports the entire 57 to 71 GHz band, and the PTM1060 phased array antenna module, which includes the PTR1060. When combined with Renesas’ RWM6050 or RWM6051 baseband processors, it offers OEMs and ODMs ready-to-integrate and ready-to-deploy 60GHz solutions. System manufacturers are also able to customize the RFM according to their own specifications, thanks to Pharrowtech’s phased antenna array design, integration and testing capabilities.

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