As demand for gigabit services continue to grow in a variety of sectors, spanning from wireless infrastructure to Industrial, Scientific, and Medical applications to consumer electronics, mmWave technology plays a critical role given the ample available spectrum allowing 10x data rates and extremely low latency. 
Pharrowtech is at the very forefront of mmWave technology design and development, enabling 
transformative impact on a wide array of applications.

Fixed Wireless Access

The global demand for broadband and high-speed internet is increasing, but fiber is prohibitively expensive and disruptive to deploy, and coax cable and DSL are unable to deliver the high performance needed in today’s digital world.

The mmWave 60GHz unlicensed spectrum band offers a solution, delivering gigabit data speeds comparable to fiber. However, to date, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solutions have struggled to deliver reliable services at competitive cost.

Pharrowtech has developed the only solution capable of offering reliable, carrier-grade performance for the FWA market. Our technology is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy alternative to fiber, promising to bring ultrafast broadband within reach for people and high-performance applications all over the world.


Gigabit Cities

Smart technology will make our cities safer, more accessible, and more sustainable. But the most exciting use cases associated with smart cities will never reach their potential without ubiquitous high-speed connectivity to underpin them. Pharrowtech’s wireless outdoor infrastructure eliminates this challenge, enabling true Gigabit cities.

Consider autonomous vehicles. Whether public transport, like buses and trams, or privately owned cars and vans, they will generate vast amounts of data that needs transfers to and from the cloud. Our current connectivity infrastructure simply does not allow for this.

Another key use case is security. 4K CCTV cameras will resolve the most common challenge with CCTV – that it is too low quality to effectively prevent crime or be used as evidence.  Pharrowtech’s next generation wireless outdoor infrastructure will enable widespread 4K CCTV and leave this problem in the past.


Consumer Electronics

It's often not processor speed limiting VR and metaverse applications, but internet connections that are too slow or have too much latency. Despite network providers offering tools like backbone capabilities and advanced traffic management, connections to the end user - the "last mile" - are the most common bottleneck. This means glitchy and certainly not immersive experiences – essentially stopping AR, VR and metaverse adoption in its tracks.

Pharrowtech's next-generation Wi-Fi solutions offer over 10x more bandwidth than what is available today while dramatically reducing interference. This is what real high-speed connectivity looks like – the ability to enjoy truly immersive VR experiences with no measurable impact on network performance.


Enterprise Wireless Access

Enterprises all over the world are looking to deploy big data and artificial intelligence to gain commercial advantage. Furthermore, many are developing their own bespoke tools and solutions to increase efficiency and improve the service they offer. All of these high-power solutions are coming up against the same challenge: the speed and quality of their internet connection.

It takes ultrafast, low latency connectivity to support true AI and big data analysis. Despite most network providers offering backbone capabilities, cloud footprints, advanced traffic management, and content delivery networks, connections to end users are most likely to be the bottleneck. This is slowing corporate adoption of key technologies.

Pharrowtech-enabled next-generation Wi-Fi increases throughput by more than 10x by using the 60GHz spectrum. It also accommodates 10x more users, and ensures stable, low-latency connections for all of them, while dramatically reducing interference.