Pharrowtech launches the industry's highest performance 60 GHz CMOS radio chip and phased antenna array for 5G unlicensed fixed wireless access, wireless infrastructure, and consumer applications

The currently sampling PTR1060 (RFIC) and PTM1060 (RFM) phased array antenna module, combined with partner baseband IC, enable next generation applications with reliable multi-gigabit per second wireless connectivity

Leuven, Belgium, 24th February 2022


Pharrowtech, which designs and develops millimeter wave (mmWave) hardware and software for next-generation wireless applications, today launches the PTR1060, the world’s first IEEE 802.11ay-compliant CMOS RF chip for indoor and outdoor wireless use cases that supports the full 57 to 71 GHz bandwidth. The chip’s integration, performance, and capabilities make it possible to realize the full potential of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments, 5G and WiFi infrastructure backhauling, next-generation consumer electronics products, and IoT devices requiring high-speed links by streamlining the design process and reducing the total system cost.

Pharrowtech is also launching its new PTM1060 (RFM) phased array antenna module, which includes the PTR1060. When combined with Renesas’ RWM6050 baseband, it offers ODM/OEMs a ready-to-use 60GHz solution. System manufacturers are also able to customize the RFM according to their own specifications, thanks to Pharrowtech’s phased antenna array design, integration and testing capabilities.

The RF chip enables many fast-growing use cases requiring reliable, fiber-like data rates that cannot be cost effectively served with wired technologies. Indeed, to sustain an increasing demand for gigabit per second home broadband access, and effectively support  smart city deployments such as high-resolution CCTV cameras in public spaces, 60GHz connectivity offers superior performance, shorter deployment time and lower equipment cost.

Marco Bello, VP Marketing & Product Management, Pharrowtech, comments: “This is a momentous development for the mmWave industry. PTR1060 goes far beyond any fully integrated radio transceiver available today to enable a variety of rapidly expanding next-generation WiFi and 5G applications, as well as delivering high-speed smart city applications. Our focus is making the design process easier and more efficient for ODM/OEMs, so combining Renesas’ best-of-breed baseband technology into a module to complement our own has been an important part of our strategy. This launch demonstrates our ability to deliver complex, state-of-the-art CMOS RFIC and phased antenna array products, and sets Pharrowtech on course to become a dominant player in the mmWave space.”

PTR1060 is integrated with Blu Wireless baseband MAC software, which opens further 5G market opportunities in high-speed transport, defense, and private networks.

Mark Barrett, CCO, Blu Wireless, adds: “Our mission is to deliver advanced 5G mmWave wireless connectivity solutions which exploit the large amount of license-free bandwidth available in the 57-71 GHz band. We are therefore very pleased to be working with Pharrowtech on the integration of their latest RFIC to help us achieve this goal. We look forward to our continued collaboration on the delivery of 5G mmWave connectivity solutions.” 

PTR1060 RFIC and PTM1060 RFM are currently available to select customers and are already being designed-in by a tier-one US equipment vendor. Demonstrations and evaluation kits will be available in Q1 2022, and mass production will begin in Q3 2022.

Technical details

The highly integrated RFIC boasts 32 antenna paths with on-chip TRX switch, significantly reducing the antenna footprint and resulting in lower cost RF antenna modules. The chip also stands apart from competing devices by offering an 802.11ay compliant RF with channel bonding and six full channels between 57 to 71GHz, rather than just the lowest four. This is important as higher channels enable significantly better performance due to reduced oxygen absorption of the transmitted signal. Further, the device integrates a low noise synthesizer enabling up to 64QAM modulation.

Among many other state-of the-art features, this latest RFIC also offers a high-resolution phase shifter along with a large beam book table, to allow extremely accurate beam forming capabilities and advanced features such as null steering for interference mitigation.

Finally, one of several unique features of the Pharrowtech PTR1060 RFIC is the integrated Micro Controller Unit (MCU), which allows on-chip calibrations and system vendors to implement custom, value-added features enabling differentiation and thus new revenue opportunities.its only the world's first if and only if we add that that it also support the full 57-71 GHz bandwidth.

About Pharrowtech

Pharrowtech designs and develops mmWave radio frequency (RF) technology for next-generation wireless applications, with products including RFIC semiconductors, phased antenna arrays and software solutions. Pharrowtech’s leading products serve fast growing markets including broadband 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), consumer electronic (CE) products such as virtual reality (VR) headsets and TVs, as well as smart city IoT applications. For more information, go to

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